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Interesting case studies, recent research and survey findings, brilliant examples of sex appeal used in ads and commercials.
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Sex Appeal in PETA campaign

Even PETA seems to believe that sex sells.


Number of comments: 111

SEX SELLS Hamburgers

Who could forget the infamous Paris Hilton ad?


Number of comments: 172

Using Sex Appeal Effectively

Sex sells. Advertising and sex have been tied together since advertising became a big business. The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser's best friend.


Number of comments: 169

Sex Sells Private Dancers

This ad for a British private dancer company was displayed directly on the flight path of all airplanes for an airport.


Number of comments: 127

Che Magazine Suggestive Ad

For a men's magazine, using sex to sell is an obvious marketing choice.


Number of comments: 155