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Interesting case studies, recent research and survey findings, brilliant examples of sex appeal used in ads and commercials.
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Sex Appeal of Household Appliances

I will let you guess what product this print ad is for...


Number of comments: 151

Herald Towers Condominiums Ad

This is a print ad for the Herald Towers Condominiums in New York.


Number of comments: 152

Sexy Commercials - Harley Davidson

Number of comments: 154


How much hotter can you get?


Number of comments: 149

Sex Appeal in Ads Targeted at Teens

Teens are an increasingly attractive market segment for advertisers, as their disposable incomes are growing. Also, teens have an ability to influence the purchase decisions of their parents and friends, and often develop a brand loyalty, which continues into adulthood. Sexual appeals have the ability to get the attention of teens, and may help to sell products to that market segment.

Number of comments: 154